Tips to get more sales - flipkart and amazon

Tips to get more sales - flipkart and amazon

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Following are some secret tips to get more sales in third party eCommerce websites Amazon, Flipkart and others.

As an online seller, you can get more sales by following these simple steps.

Create a new listing.

Newest first is a sorting feature that most of the e-commerce websites have. While it is difficult to get to top of the listing by price, relevance of popularity, etc., this is something that you can try.

Deleting the old low-quality listings and adding new and updated listings is a good way to get more sales.

Create combo products.

If your product is not a unique or rare product, you can create to combos to get more competitive advantage. This can be done by creating new listings for the same product but with different combinations.

For example, if you are selling belts, you can create combos like 2 black belts, 1 black and 1 brown belt etc.

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Low price for good reviews.

Many sellers do this to get more sales. At first, they will post the product at a low price and then increase the price as they get more positive reviews.

This is kind of an investment/advertisement for product listing page. Another advantage is SEO benefits.

After getting some sales and reviews, you can increase the price and get more sales.

This can sure sometimes backfire, if the first few buyers are not satisfied with the product.

Images & videos for better sales.

The more images and videos you have, the more sales you can get. Customer wants to know every detail of the product.

Sometimes we as sellers forget to add some specification thinking it is not that important. But online buyers are very keen to know the details.

Fill all details & description as possible.

There is many optional fields in the product listing. You can list products without filling all the details.

But filling all the details, description, images and SEO field will surely increase the sales.

Increase price and give discount.

Lowering the price is not always a good idea. Sometimes it works the other way.

Price is always associated with the quality of the product. So if the MRP and the selling price are low, people will think the product is cheap.

Some websites and people track the price of online products and set alerts. For example, sites like, etc. track the price of the product from the beginning & let the customer know about the price drop, chance of price drop, price history etc.

One way take advantage of this as a seller is by increasing the price and giving discount. People buy products at a lower price and are they are happy to get a discount.

Freebies coupons and deals.

Online shoppers love coupons discounts and deals. This will also improve the quality of your listing.

There are many ways to give freebies coupons and deals. You can join different promotional programs run by the platform.

Or you can create your own promotional programs, and freebies. Explore all options in the seller dashboard to optimize, and get more sales.

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